About us


GOD BLESS! ,Thank you for visiting Good Tranvancore Mission a unique firm in the Agriculture
Industry , Commonly known as in its Brand Name GREEN KAIRALY –A FOOT STEP TO GREEN INDIA.
As its Slogan suggests , Green kairaly is the first and only the manufacturer of an Amazing and
innovative Product names as INTELLIGENT KITCHEN GARDEN in India .The devise is meant for
spreading agriculture in Urban areas as well as villages where agriculture is dropping due to Less time
or less space or less water .The invention offering a wide scope in agriculture field , Animal
husbandry areas , Fisheries etc.
Has been fallen the liability to make it ,based on the spiritual wisdom induced by the Almighty .The
main objective of this creation and its facility is to Bring Out The Farmer In each one by keeping
everybody’s profession as it is . We cannot go back to traditional farming to reach self-
sufficiency by avoiding modernity and its progressive conditions. So, with our modern
conditions agriculture method should be modernized to get farming possible even peoples
are busy in their life and facing space constraints.
The resisted Logo and brand name is giving the insight of company activity . The company has its own
Diary farm also ,Including desai cow like Thanchavoor Krishna , Vechur . When the farmer awakes , the
greenkaily giving support by proving all required items . As the firm committed to supply natural
organic manures in its origin state, biogas slurry ,cow urine ,Jeevamrutham etc are collecting from
farm packing and supplying to customer in very hygiene way . Unique and attractive method of
packages are made for this. This is an another innovative idea first time put into practice in to India
.by greenkIRALY.Besides this company involving in making filled growbags , Cow dung powder ,
Enriched soil mixture for grow bag filling . colleting and distributing highly bioriched organic manure
like Bio gas slurry , Cow urine , Jeevamrutham , cow dug powder etc

A team of committed and dedicated experts and advisory members are associated with the
institutions .