Details :

The 13 G  unit  ,calling as. Medium Product in its line. It is suitable in  balcony,  courtyard   or any such suitable place. A small family needs  may satisfy by this unit  The models have two variants, 13G B & 5G H base and higher models.  13G B & 13G H The higher end    model is with   MST, Pot holder for a row and with Water timer .

This model is an    ECONOMY MODEL, when 2 no or pair is taking.   Its 26 seats will support a family to get   sufficient vegetables.

 Capacity : up to 13 GROW BAG /POT

Operation ‚ÄďSemi automatic

Area      ; 3*1  sqft

Structure¬†¬† ;¬† metal frames.¬† Clubbed with¬† designed Die¬† Seat width ‚Äď 9 ich Hight ‚Äď 90 cm

Model Name : IKG 13G  H  with

Pot holder in a row¬† ,MST Unit ‚ÄďManure Supply Tank & Water Timer