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The start of the pandemic in 2020, taught us a valuable lesson about the importance of cultivation and the value of non-toxic organic vegetables. This realization enabled a virtuous movement that enhanced cultivation in various places. But for an average urban dweller, the farming aspirations inside them were left unfulfilled due to urban constraints inaccessible space, and their busy lifecycle.

The urban population in India which stands at 377 million is expected to grow by 404 million by 2050 (World Urbanization Prospects, 2014). To meet the nutritional requirements of the upcoming generation, we have to think and act now with urgency. This can be better achieved with a transformation of technological advancement in the agriculture field which as of now is quite slow compared to other fields.

These circumstances should draw our attention to the famous quote by Mr. Homaro Cantu (1976-2015) An American Chef & Entrepreneur; “Urban farming is not only possible, it is crucial. But it can’t be like the farming techniques of yore.”

Our Vision

Our vision is to attain self-sufficiency in vegetation by bringing out the farmer in everyone through technological transformation and advancements in traditional vegetable cultivation at their available assigned territory without losing affecting people modern life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable Readymade Kitchen Gardens in 1000 urban and rural homes by the end of 2022. We will educate, inform and empower the farmer inside everyone and enable a healthy India through organic and home grown food produce.

Way back in 2016, by the grace of Almighty our team’s innovative crafting resulted in the invention of an attractive and useful Growbag supporting portable stand with self-watering facility by incorporating of drip irrigation system in the unit. This provides the opportunities for urban farming to extend beyond these: rooftops, balconies – and even underground spaces. Experiments and research shaped the products into an incredible one, which ranked as No 1 in its range.

Over a period of time, the product has undergone several changes and our new modified models are well suited & accepted in flats, villas & apartments, where people might have been never thought about doing agriculture in their little space and busy lifestyle.

The efficiency of this innovative invention brings out the farmers from urban populations and provides readymade agriculture land for urban cultivation

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Green Kairaly - A Footstep towards Urban Self-Sufficiency in Vegetation

In our modern era of life, we wish to bring out the farmer in everyone by providing a scientifically advanced cultivation facility without losing the concept of traditional vegetable cultivation.

SMART WATERING THROUGH YOUR SMARTPHONE Watering to your garden is now possible from anywhere in India. Thanks to almighty for his wisdom spreading to the basic divisions!! By using our mobile app you can turn the water ON/OFF through your phone. The plants will be watered automatically without your manual intervention. Furthermore, you can even control the self-watering device via a timer which will release the water in pre-programmed intervals.

P A Sanjai

Founder & Promoter

Tony Thomas

Chief Executive Officer

Rajeev VR

Head - Operations