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No 5/61A, West Othera PO, Thiruvalla City, Pattanmathitta, Kerala – 689551

We are delivering to all locations in Kerala as well as major cities and semi urban areas in India mapped by the respective courier company associated with us. Soon our distributors and dealers will be in line in the targeted areas

Yes, the objective of this innovative product mainly for urban farming. Our specially designed products are well suited for flat’s balconies and apartments.

Most of all our products are crafted with a feature of self-installation. To help customers detailed catalogs, video etc. are furnished. But manufacturers or dealer’s representative will be assisted if the situation demands as per agreed conditions.

Yes, we accept Cash On Delivery. We offer multiple payment methods, allowing our customers the flexibility to complete the payment using the payment method of their choice.

Most of all our products are crafted with a ease of self-installation in mind. But home delivery and installation from our end will definitely be provided based on viability of the same.

Our product is covered with warranty policy and the warranty certification will be supplied along with the invoice.